About Us

… called to purpose …

We are Gene & Amy Corrigan and we believe everyone is called to some purpose with their lives.  Our hearts beat for service in missions, both locally in our community and overseas.  We have been to Europe several times on short-term trips, raised funds to move overseas for full-time service and have recently come back to the States so our teenage children can finish their education, with the hopes and prayers to be involved in full-time service again.

We wait upon the Lord for His guidance and direction and are in awe of how He shapes and molds our lives, the lives of our children and everyone we know.  There are many things we do not understand about how He works, except for the fact that He does indeed, work in our lives.  We continually see His provision, patience with us and are so thankful for His undeserved grace.

What are you passionate about?  We encourage people to find their calling and purpose in this life. We love Europe, the States and our local community.  We want to share things that are beautiful & interesting and mission & service-related in hopes that you will be encouraged to get involved in something that you are passionate about and makes your heart beat.


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