5 Great Reasons to Buy Mom (or Dad!) a Smartphone for Christmas

Just wanted to share 5 nifty reasons why someone would want to get their mom/dad/spouse a smartphone for Christmas this year!

I know I could come up with way more…but, I am sharing the top 5 from my own “personal experiences”, or a.k.a: “How-I-have-survived-living-an-unhappily-disorganized-life…even-though-I-have-been-trying-to-live-an-organized life”.

Feel free to share your comments with me 🙂

1.  My number one reason for buying your mom/dad/spouse a nifty smartphone for Christmas would be your spouse would NEVER AGAIN forget their GROCERY list!!

2.  Your mom/dad/spouse would always have their calendar with them!

3. Their nifty new smartphone would send them reminders so that they wouldn’t be late to appointments and better yet…it could even have reminders set to remind them to MAKE dinner for the family 🙂

4. This nifty new smartphone could be used to send web-based texts to family and friends who might live in ANOTHER COUNTRY so that they won’t have to incur expensive international-per-text-charges (hint…hint: this would be a cool gift for ME since I have a silly broken “go-phone” and am moving overseas and would LOVE to have an inexpensive way to stay connected stay in “instant contact” with my family and friends 🙂  Did I mention that this is a neat hint???

5.  And last, but not least, my fifth and TOTALLY AWESOME reason to buy your mom/dad/spouse a nifty new smartphone for Christmas would be that they could use http://www.cozi.com, which has an ONLINE FAMILY CALENDAR, family journal, unlimited customizable to-do and shopping lists….ALL IN ONE PLACE that can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connect (hint…hint…you can even access cozi from that nifty new smartphone you’ll want to get for your spouse for all the cool reasons listed above!!)

It can send these incredible reminders to everyone in your family about upcoming practices, appointments, family events, etc.

You can also create these neat journal pages that can be sent out to those you care about and even be used to create family newsletter…all of this and more….and the niftiest part of using cozi is that it is FREE!!!

I hope that you seriously think about how neat it would be to get your mom/dad/spouse that nifty new smartphone for Christmas…you might even get your dinner ON TIME, have clean underwear and socks in your drawer AND they would never again forget that special treat you want from the grocery store!


~ by geneandamy on November 23, 2010.

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