It starts…

There have been quite a few veggies put into our blender lately and we are trying to not to turn ourselves into a frappe!

Sunday and Monday, July 18-19, the Bradford Varsity football team has an “official” start to their 2010 season with a team of coaches from UW River Falls coming to Kenosha to lead a 2-day intensive college-style football camp.  The boys can barely contain their excitement and are looking forward to taking care of some “Unfinished Business” (their theme for the 2010 season).  Please pray that the players will have a healthy and injury-free season and that they play well and work hard toward their ultimate goal of heading to the State Championship game in November.

We look forward to this season with bittersweet thoughts.  Football has been such a huge part of our lives since the boys were toddlers… we will be cheering on the sidelines, and I’ll be taking ridiculous amounts of photos and video…I can’t wait!!

Photo taken before the 2009 Tremper playoff game by my friend Erin Waynes

Next Sunday, July 25, Gene will be preaching at one of our supporting churches, Charter Oak Bible Church, in Peoria, IL.  We’ll be heading out early that morning and coming back later that day.  Please pray for safe travels, the message, open hearts of those who will be attending the service and for opportunities to connect with the congregation.

We have been gathering with our mission support team and laying out some plans for the next 5 months until we leave the USA.  We also have some plans for a few fundraisers that we hope to raise one-time gifts for some expenses that are not covered in our start-up costs.

We have gained a few new supporters since June and we are so thankful for their partnership!   We are moving down the “football field” with our support and we hope you’ll join our team as we all work together to make a touchdown and leave the country fully funded!

We have lots of great news to share in our newsletter (should be out by the beginning of Aug).  Thank you for standing with us as we have been preparing, praying for us, our children and our mission and for being such great friends!

Bis spaeter!


~ by geneandamy on July 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “It starts…”

  1. Praying for you guys even more!!! Things are beginning to roll for you, at last! I think I am taking your place as the longest “preparation”. Received bad news about my foreclosure and costs. Anyway, I am celebrating with you and praising God for his timing. God Bless!

  2. This is awesome, guys! I haven’t checked up on you in a while, so was pleasantly surprised to find out about your planned departure! Oh my, I definitely need to pray for peace during all the unbelievable changes you will experience. I hope we’ll be able to see you when you get here. That will be so cool. God bless your preparations!

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