Behind the scenes….

On the surface, it might seem that there has been a lull in our ministry plans… but, I can assure you (from the looks of my laundry room and the dismay of my family as they look for clean clothes), there is a flurry of activity “behind the scenes”:

Since the beginning of 2010, we have had

2 Mission Support Team meetings

1 pastoral meeting

3 action/planning meetings

sent out two batches of support evaluation letters

attended our KMUSA Team Retreat in the Smokey Mountains

…and I am starting work on our Spring newsletter.  I am homeschooling Ethan and Kiara and Hunter is working fervently to keep up his good grades as he moves through these last few months of  his Sophomore year.

We are waiting for some pieces of information to come in to help us with our preliminary plans and goals for this year and before May, we will have some very exciting news to share with you!  But, we can’t let the “cat out of the bag” just yet…

Please continue to pray for our family and ministry…and stay tuned!!  More mission updates to follow in the next few weeks.


~ by geneandamy on March 9, 2010.

One Response to “Behind the scenes….”

  1. Gene & Amy – Your family remains in my prayers. Thank you for coming to Charter Oak Bible Church recently to share how God called you to this ministry. Be encouraged in Christ as He uses you to encourage others!

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