Giving up the little things…

This is just one of those notes that may seem trivial to some and you may think “hmm….why such a big deal?”  But I thought maybe it is ok to be transparent even about the little things 🙂

When we first started sending out newsletters and updates, we wanted it to be personal.  We didn’t want people to feel as though they were just a name on a list or a number and so, I have always handwritten out the envelopes….I would think about the person and pray for them, put a stamp on the envelope and ask God to bless those receiving our newsletter and also to bless our ministry.  Well…the last few times, it has been taking longer and longer for me to get the newsletter out in a timely fashion because there are more people on our list and it has been taking me longer and longer to get them written out.

Gene has been encouraging me to have them printed out for awhile and so I finally am taking his advice.  As I am preparing to get our newsletter out of our house and into yours, I want you to know that you are important to us and that we appreciate you!

Earlier today, I had coffee with my accountability partner and she told me it was ok to let it go and to look at the bright side…our group of praying friends has grown to the point where I can’t keep up with handwriting envelopes and notes to all of them and that is a good thing!

So…as I learn to let the little things go (which is very hard for me because I like things to be a certain way…),  I am thankful that the Lord has brought more and more people into our lives who care about what is happening to His people in Austria.  We hope that as we continue to move forward in our preparations that you will continue to pray for the Austrians, our family and for us.

Please know that we are thankful for you and that we appreciate you…our ministry wouldn’t be where it is today without your caring about us and standing behind us in our call!


~ by geneandamy on November 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Giving up the little things…”

  1. We love you Gene and Amy and your willingness to be “transparent”, something we all need to work on. We are so excited for you and your mission to serve this way. We love to hear from you and in your newsletters…don’t ever be discouraged and yes, let the little things go. 🙂

  2. Hello Amy and Gene: As I read your “Giving up the little things…” I was reminded of a small poem that has been a reminder from God to Let Go! It’s just okay. Hope this ministers to you as it has for me.

    Let Go and Let God

    As Children bring their broken toys, with tears for us to mend,
    I brought my Broken Dreams to God, because He was my Friend.
    And then instead of leaving Him in Peace to work alone,
    I hung around and tried to help, with ways that were My Own!

    At last I cried, “God! How can YOU be so slow?”

    “My Child”, he said, “What could I do? You Never did Let Go!”

    So Let Go … and Let God!

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