Road trip recap

We had an amazing time in KS, OK and TX during our road trip for the 2009 School of Missions!

We flew out of O’Hare on Sat. Oct. 10 and into Oklahoma City Airport and then drove to our first stop in Laverne, OK.  We stayed with Marvin and Vickie Garrison, chairman of the 2009 School of Missions and pastor of FCC in Laverne.  We had great conversation and fellowship with everyone we met.  We shared our vision of bringing the gospel to the Austrians with the congregation during the morning worship service and had lunch with everyone afterward.

From Sunday afternoon to Thursday, we were road-tripping it, going to 5 other churches in 5 other cities in the tri-state area of OK, KS and TX.

Everyone we met was fabulous and put us up in their homes, motels and even a renovated store front converted to apartments (  There were yummy lunches and dinners and the fellowship was very encouraging and uplifting.  People in the 12 churches had been praying for the missionaries for about 6 weeks before they even arrived at the churches…it was so humbling to hear them come up to us and tell us how they had been praying for us and were so excited for us to be there!

It was exciting to share His call on our lives…to be His witnesses to another people group across the ocean.

We have never been to this part of America before and it was definitely different from Wisconsin!  We traveled for miles and miles and miles and saw narry a tree!  We did see, however, a turtle and tarantula in the road, white-tailed deer, antelope and elk!  We drove through incredibly beautiful flatlands and gorgeous mountains…amazing to see all the variety of beauty that the Lord has created for us to enjoy.

We now have prayer partners that stretch from Southwestern US all the way to Florida…it is so amazing to see how the Lord’s hand worked in arranging this incredible road trip for us and we look forward to what His next plan for us will be.


~ by geneandamy on October 26, 2009.

One Response to “Road trip recap”

  1. So glad that the trip was a terrific success in meeting people & getting God’s word out about your mission.

    Take care & God bless,

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