Road trip: traveling to OK, KS & TX

We are finalizing our travel plans for our upcoming road trip in Oct.  We have been invited to be a part of the 2009 Hi-Plains School of Missions.  We are part of a team of missionaries who will be traveling to local churches in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.  We were originally slated to be part of the 2010 team, but, there was a cancellation: one of the missionaries could only make it for one of the weeks (it is a 2-week trip, we’ll be there for the 2nd half).  I just got our plane tickets purchased yesterday and am working on getting a rental car today. We fly out of O’Hare Sat. Oct 10 and return Fri. Oct 16.

We are looking forward to being a part of this as we will have the opportunity to share not only a message about missions, but we will also get to present our mission of serving in Austria.   We will be preaching at 6 different churches and will be traveling between the three states.

Our hopes are to get the churches excited about missions and their part in the Great Commission…every believer has a part in sharing the gospel…every believer is so precious to His cause!  It would be a blessing if one or more of the churches (or even some individuals in the churches) decide to partner with us…we’d be closer to leaving!

We ask that you please pray for us while we get ready to go:  Gene’s preparation of the messages and the fine-tuning of our mission presentation, the completion of travel plans, finding ‘homes’ for our children while we are traveling as well as putting together the school schedules for Ethan and Kiara and getting the boys to/from their football practices.

Please also pray for the churches that we’ll be presenting to:  that the Lord will be glorified in our messages and that we stir the hearts of those who hear about our calling to serve in Austria.

May you be encouraged in the Lord…

Gene & Amy


~ by geneandamy on September 9, 2009.

One Response to “Road trip: traveling to OK, KS & TX”

  1. Great ! We’ll be praying! Eileen

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