Life in a blender: team photos

We are in full swing of the football season here at the Corrigan house:  Hunter is starting offensive lineman for Bradford’s Varsity team and Ethan is on the CYC Sr. Cardinals.  There are practices and late night meals almost every day of the week.

Today, I am scheduled to take team photos of the Cardinals 15 minutes before practice starts.  I have been busy all day long: making phone calls, two meetings for our mission, met with Hunter’s counselor for schedule changes, got school done with Ethan and Kiara, etc.  I feel like I am living in a blender…

All of a sudden, I check the clock….it is 4:05!! I have to be at practice 15 minutes before so I can take these photos!  I start to run around, gathering the camera and bag, run downstairs to get Ethan’s very wet football pants (they were still soaking), rinse them out and throw them into the dryer so that some of the dampness is gone and then, I rush the kids to the van and away we go!  Ethan is getting dressed in the back of the van as we drive to the park.  He keeps saying “Mom, Coach said to be there 15 minutes before practice”.  I say “I know, I know…that’s why I am hurrying!”

As we pull up to the park, I realize that no one is there…practice starts at 5:30, not 4:30… my kids just shake their heads at me as I drive away…


~ by geneandamy on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Life in a blender: team photos”

  1. Amy, even though you told me this yesterday, I still laughed today reading it. It just proves you are human, like the rest of us!! LOL Hope today is a bit less rushed and stressful, even though you may not always feel it, you are awesome!!! See you next week!

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