Austrian Survey: 14% trust the church

I was just sifting through some different Austrian blogs and found this one that has the “Short News” on Austria…

Scroll down to “Only 14 percent of Austrians trust the church”.  It is interesting to note that they rely mostly upon themselves and their family.

I think of how this affects those who are ministering in Austria.  There are barriers that have to be broken through:  missionaries have to first break through deep-seated cultural and language barriers and have to gain the trust of those around him…not to mention the fact that missionaries are trying to witness to a post-Christian culture.  It takes time for Austrians to “accept” those from other cultures and to trust in relationships with “outsiders” (many never accept anyone other than fellow Austrians).

Only after these barriers are broken through and trusting relationships are formed can the missionary begin to share the love of God and His gift of eternal life to those who believe in His Son.  Please pray for the hearts and minds of Austrians, that they may be open to the gospel and also for our family as we prepare to move into this culture, that our lives may be a witness of the love of Christ to those we meet.


~ by geneandamy on August 31, 2009.

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