We have been doing some serious de-cluttering of our apartment:  sifting, tossing and selling things that we won’t be needing once we move overseas.  As we simplify our home life, we thought it a good time to simplify our web-life, as well.  Our website is still the main place for information about us and our mission, plans and goals as well as a plethora of links about Austria, missions, world news and a Kid’s page with lots of kid-friendly places for them to visit.

We  had two blogs:  one for our newsletters and updates about our ministry (calledtoministry) and a personal one (calledtopurpose).  With the updating of our web program, I am now able to easily publish information and have moved all of our newsletters and updates to our website.  Our new address for our personal blog is  We want to be able to share in more of a casual format as well as post things that are of interest from Europe and have some photos, too.

We still have our group at facebook, where we’ll post updates to our blog and also continue with email updates and quarterly newsletters (working on our fall newsletter as I write this!)

To keep things simple, here is our web-life in a sentence:, (our email address is geneandamy at  We have a number of things planned for fall and will be sharing those in future posts…

Thanks for your prayers and support of our family and mission to serve the Lord in Austria…we could not be where we are today without you!

Gottes Segen…

Gene and Amy


~ by geneandamy on August 29, 2009.

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